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Michael Conneely specialises in bringing the most enlightened consciousness possible to his astrology readings and to his many courses. Michael's readings are totally caring and directed to healing and empowerment. His teaching style aims to be completely individual and authentically geared to the person's needs.
Survey of your astrology - 90 minutes. With recorded reading and reports, available worldwide.As an exceptional bonus: Western Astrology is combined with Vedic Astrology. Full charts are provided.
The Master Vedic Astrology Course taught by Michael Conneely ​Do you wish to Learn Vedic Astrology ? I offer three insightful courses into the study of Vedic Astrology: for you to learn Vedic Astrology and some of the subject's deepest secrets.
Astrology Webinars / Astrology Video Teachings These are videos on different topic areas of Astrology, available to purchase individually or free to members of

See my Video on the Sun in your birth chart : Here is a 12 minute Trailer

Learn Astrology: Here is a 12 minute Trailer to my Sun in your Western Astrology Birth Chart. You can buy the video - or you can get it free if you enroll on my Western Astrology Course: The astrology methodology is vast.

Learn Vedic Astrology: The Nakshatras: Worldwide online Course

Michael Conneely offers a wonderful and caring worldwide course on the Nakshatras, find out more here: If you wish to Learn Vedic Astrology you can easily purchase a Vedic Astrology Course from: the peerless and inspired 27 sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology.
Vedic astrology courses with healing and empowerment from Michael Conneely.
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